Rum & Raisin

In Celtic Tiger Ireland, corruption battles creative expression and artistic fulfilment in this hilarious comedy guaranteed to make you laugh, gasp and possibly wretch! With a mixture of Commedia dell’Arte, colloquial language and cartoon like visuals Rum and Raisin is a modern hilarious comedy particularly relevant in these recessionary times. It tells the story of Connie and Noreen who work side-by-side in the local haberdashery.

As the years go by it is presumed that Connie and Noreen are an item and will some day tie the knot particularly when Connie’s domineering Father, who continues to control things from his sick bed upstairs, suddenly dies. Then Myra chances into the shop bringing with her the promise of the exotic in the form of Tango dance classes. Unfulfilled dreams rise up in Connie and his ambitions change. Now all he wants is to dance the Tango and turn the haberdashery into an old fashioned sweet shop slighting Noreen’s bigger plans which involve a wrecking ball, a huge mortgage and the biggest Centra in the county.

The surreal stylish set and sassy soundscape create a vivid up to the minute snapshot of small town Ireland where this unlikely though likeable pair play out their power struggle. With a macabre twist using clever special effects the particularly grisly ending will leave you squirming in your seat. In these disheartening times it is important for people to look back and laugh and to realise that there are dreams to be realised in even the blackest of times and places. Rum and Raisin gives Connie two choices and we see how bravery in the face of adversity can lead to the healthier option for all concerned. Dealing with issues of life and death, inner frustration and achievements Rum and Raisin is a skilled, upbeat, uplifting piece of theatre where hopes, optimism and the realisation of a dream win out over greed and corruption.

Writers: Alice Barry and Deirdre Kinahan
Director: Alice Barry
Cast : Maureen Colander
John Anthony Murphy
Designer : Steve Neale
Costume: Mairead Lee
Composer: Barbara Ellison
Producer: Noggin Theatre Company and Tall Tales
Illustrator: Orla Roche

Nominated for Two Awards by ESB Dublin Fringe Festival
Best Production and Best Actor (John Anthony Murphy)


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