Fruitcake by Alice Barry

Mary McEvoy captivates her audience in this delightful, moving one woman show.
Under the guise of a cookery demonstration, Della Dolan shows us how to make ‘the perfect Fruitcake.’ She also divests her provoking memories to give a fascinating account of her life and divulges a chequered past involving hardship, murder and intrigue but most of all great sacrifice, realisation and love. Funny and poignant with accessible visuals this play will make you laugh and cry and remind you why life is ultimately rewarding and exciting for all its ups and downs.

Writer: Alice Barry
Director: Alice Barry
Cast : Mary McEvoy

‘Alice Barry’s carefully written play has a further reaching ambition. The skill of the writing is that there is never a sense of lurching gear changes being made to encompass the various plot developments.It is an unexpectedly moving piece of work.’
Liam Heylin, Evening Echo.

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