A one-woman show which explores the frustrations of an imaginative woman working in a nine to five humdrum job. Pam Ella deals with the relationships between people and the tenuous thread that holds them together. It focuses on misunderstanding the degree of friendship so that slight rejection leads to monstrous consequences.
It is a tragedy of misunderstanding and a study of human frailty.

Pam Ella tells the story of a lonely woman and her relationship with Mr. Gerald Byrne, a lawyer. When Pam's attentions begin to intrude on his life he stops contacting her unable to cope with his rejection she sets out on an extreme course of action which leads to dramatic consequences. An exciting physical piece of theatre to be performed in a small diverse space.

Writer: Alice Barry
Director: Raymond Keane
Designer : Steve Neale
Cast: Alice Barry

‘… display considerable talent and imagination.’
Emer O'Kelly, Sunday Independent.

‘Texturally satisfying, the end result is a sad,sexy, disturbing piece of theatre.
Susan Conley, The Irish Times.